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Requirement procedures



The income without the authorization of products and by-products of animal, vegetable, or live animals can introduce pests and diseases into our territory and affect the national production. This limits the exports of our products to international markets, and is detrimental to regional economies.
For this reason, the Government works constantly in airports, ports and border crossings around the country to detect products that could put at risk the food production and the health of our population.

Before travel to Argentina check the requirements and rules (Resolution 295/1999) for the entry of food, animals, vegetables, and agricultural products. The staff of the Senasa may confiscate those products that do not comply with the appropriate authorisations.


Procedure Authorizing the Import of Dogs and Cats into Argentina

Regulation regarding authorization steps to be followed for final entry or temporary admission of domestic canines and felines (dogs and cats) into the Argentine Republic.




Entry of organic products and animals in Argentina

Legalisation of Argentine or Foreign Public documents

Requirements for entering and leaving the country

Requirements for the payment

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